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Who we are?

Leoma Vision was founded in 2018 aiming to become a modern alternative providing easy access to premium eyewear products. The name Leoma Vision stands for a devoted and ambitious team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the market.

Thanks to our reliable suppliers and partnerships with leading manufacturers in the industry, our business is growing rapidly throughout Europe and around the world. Working with more than 350 active clients, Leoma Vision boasts an impeccable reputation for quality, reliability, flexibility, and fast service that can meet all the requirements of our customers.

We believe that our success is a result of the efficient customer service, prompt delivery, and of course the competitive prices and quality products that we can offer.

KAbout Us

Our values

Modern alternative

Leoma Vision is initially assigned to serve as easy access to premium eyewear products for independent optical shops and retailers, domestically and worldwide. We keep up to date with the market trends and the specific customer needs of our clients.

Quick delivery

Thanks to our centralized warehouse and logistic company within our group, we are able to offer prompt delivery at a fair price. We can deliver within 2 to 4 business days from the day the order has been submitted.


We are working in close relationships with our suppliers and customers, our professional experience is based on trust and mutual respect with our partners.

KWe supply

Premium sunglasses

Our Sunglasses portfolio includes an extensive selection of authentic products offering both – overstocks and collections. In order to meet the needs of our partners and clients, we are focused on the efficiency of our product portfolio which is the key to better customer satisfaction and optimized sales performance.

KWe supply

Optical frames

Our Frames category includes a wide range of authentic optical frames from global manufacturers. By offering collections from previous and current seasons produced with all kinds of materials, we try to answer our customers’ needs and market demands.

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Direct Distribution

Our efforts to prove ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner have resulted in an authorized partnership
with some of the most famous brand houses sharing different eyewear visions.

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Our services

Combining modern with tradition, Leoma Vision offers

KAbout Us

Field sales representatives

Physical presence is essential in the eyewear industry. It allows us to present our eyewear collections directly to the clients and to provide presale service and assistance, keeping close contact with them. We understand very well, how important it is for the optician the physically check the product and its quality.

Thanks to the professional work of our field sales representatives visiting our clients on a regular base, we are experiencing dynamical and sustainable growth.


B2B Platform

As a modern company, we have built a B2B platform specially designed for fashion professionals.
By taking the best user experience from the industry, we give easy and suitable access
to more than 3000 different SKUs with no minimum order quantity required.

Active Clients

Available Brands

Unique SKUs in stock

Pcs sold per month

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Professional storage

Thanks to our professional storage, our stock is well organized and prepared for immediate shipping. This helps us to provide short handling time and fulfill the orders as quickly as possible.

KAbout Leoma

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. By listening to the clients, our young and ambitious team of professionals is providing efficient and custom-tailored service. We are determined to ensure mutual growth opportunities and long-term partnerships.

KAbout Leoma

Our presence

Two times per year, Leoma Vision is hosting local eyewear events in different locations specially selected to combine work with SPA vacation or resting in nature. By renting some of the premium hotels in the country, for 3 days we are able to meet between 200 and 500 opticians. 

Thanks to the professional organization which includes Business Lectures, an Official dinner with traditional Bulgarian plates, Guest Singers, games with the public, gifts, and more, these events took an important place in the annual eyewear calendar and our customers are very pleased to participate. 

We attend also the most important eyewear events in Milano – Mido and in Paris – Silmo, where we can meet our international partners and discuss the latest trends and news from the business.


Every client is important

From the small village to the capital city, from the neighborhood optic shop to the large eyewear boutique in the shopping center. Thanks to this philosophy, our client list is growing rapidly becoming the preferred supplying hub in the Balkans. So far we work with more than 350 optical stores and retailers from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Croatia and North Macedonia.


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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in the most convenient way for you –
we will be happy to answer you!

Leoma Vision Ltd.

Company REG. NO. 205461875


Business Center Serdika,
Bul. Ivan Geshov 2E, 1330 Sofia


(+359) 884 214 016



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